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The Royal City of Khonaerya's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
The Royal City of Khonaerya

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[09 Feb 2004|06:49pm]

The Night Skies of VaalCollapse )
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A Story of Old Khonaerya [21 Jan 2004|03:56am]

The Tale of Pandor and SelianCollapse )
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Magick in the City [16 Jan 2004|11:24pm]

A few words on magic in the society of KhonaeryaCollapse )
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Red Wall [14 Jan 2004|10:03pm]

The Red Wall area is a very diverse area, with a large elvish population, as well as humans and the cities sparse gnome and halfling population making their home here. Most of the elves came to the city two centuries ago, to study magic under the Council of Aarth. Since that time, the native form of elvish magic, sorcery, has come to be viewed with suspicion, some members of the Magic Council espousing the belief that it springs from demonic forces. Some elves have stayed in the city, to defend their practices but many have left to return to their forest homeland.

Most of Red Wall is planted thick with ancient Varwood trees that the frst elves to arrive planted 200 years ago. The buildings are a mix of styles, blending the organic shapes and curves that the elves favor with the more austere classical stone structures favored by the human residents and also the cozy underground dwellings of the Gnomes and Halflings.

The last few weeks a palpable sense of worry and suspicion has been growing in Red Wall, as a number of people have disappeared, their dwellings later found to be ransacked. Among the missing are several elves and Vera Hawk, a prominant human courtesan known to frequent the Silent Siren inn in South Bridge. Night Watchmen have reported no unusual activities, and have increased patrols in the area to try to catch the villains. There has been talk of several elvish sorcerers organizing a team of vigilantes to scour the neighborhood, which has started to get the attention of the Imperial Guard, which looks poorly on such things.
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Map of the Realm [14 Jan 2004|02:01am]

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Here is a map of the Khonaeryan Empire, and it's neighboring countries.Collapse )

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The Dwarves [13 Jan 2004|01:58am]

The Kingdom of the Dwarves lies far to the north...Collapse )
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Gods of Khonaerya [06 Jan 2004|01:25am]

The Seven Shrines district is located in the southern part of the city and is the center of religeous activity in Khonaerya. Each of the seven High Gods has a shrine here, and each area is distinctive in a way pleasing to that particular god. Each temple has it's own particular duties that its clerics maintain to benefit the society as a whole, each duty again appropriate to the deity for whom the temple is consecrated. The seven lesser gods also have small shrines scattered throughout the city, and each of those also plays an important role in daily life for the residents, but a special place is kept for the High Gods.

The Temple of AvrothCollapse )

The Temple of ZhenaennaCollapse )

The Temple of Kha'taalCollapse )

The Temple of MaelandrosCollapse )

The Temple of IarunyaCollapse )

The Temple of OkkimCollapse )

The Temple of VaalyaCollapse )
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A Brief History of the Realm [02 Jan 2004|10:14pm]

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What follows is a short description of the events of the War of Darkness, which occurred in the Third Century Khonaeryan Reckoning. These fragments are from the History of Vaal, as written and compiled by Eltireth of House Al-Maeya, and if one is interested her works are available in the Library of the Academy for perusal.

The Khonaeryan Empire today is a small part of what it was in the ancient days. 1000 years ago the Empire's borders enclosed 3 times the area it does now, stretching from the jagged and desolate Cold Mountains of the far north all the way to the steamy jungles of the south.

The Empire had grown over hundreds of years and had become fat and complacent, decadent and lazy. One day, a thousand years ago, the Empire would begin to decline. In the Cold Mountains of the North, amid the desolate watchtowers and border keeps, the Dark Elves began to emerge from their holes in the ground like worms in a rainstorm. They only operated at night, driving goblins and orcs and other, nastier creatures before them. They took over the border keeps and toppled the watchtowers one by one before the Khonaeryans were even aware they were in danger.

News travelled slowly, but eventually the Empire became aware of the fall of the North, and forces were mustered to drive back the Dark Army. The army of Khonaerya was great, but was still powerless before the might of the Dark Elves and their twisted servants. The army met with defeat after defeat and was forced to fall back to the Capitol City where a long seige commenced. Wizards of the besiged city sent out a magical plea for help, in the form of an magical eagle made of mist, that was able to slip unseen past the encampments of twisted creatures.

The eagle arrived at the court of the Forest of Orien the next day, and delivered its message to Amaera, Queen of the Varwood Throne. The Elves of Orien were ancient allies of the Khonaeryans, but that friendship had been neglected over the last few centuries as the Empire had grown. Despite this, the Council of Orien did not take long to decide on a course of action against their ancient enemy.

The Elves of Orien arrived in force with knights mounted on huge flying beasts, and scores of sorcerers, flinging tongues of flame and dancing wickedly with blade and spell. The battle raged for several days, and with the Elves of Orien on the heels of the Dark Elf army, Khonaerya was finally able to drive back the forces of the Orc and Goblin hordes.

After the war was ended, the forces of Orien took the Dark Elves into custody, and imprisoned them in some secret location unrevealed to the world of humans.
The orcs and goblins and other nasty creatures were scattered to their homelands in the north, to crawl back into their caves and squabble amongst themselves once more.

Khonaerya fell into a state of disarray, as the southern states rebelled against the empire, feeling that they could better govern themselves if the Empire could not protect itself from outside attack. And so was born the tribal council of the Krondori.

Khonaerya would take time to repair this rift, and would eventually stabilize into the peaceful nation that it is now, but it would not achieve the greatness that once was, and it was not without its internal struggles along the way...

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A Guide to the City [28 Apr 2003|11:22pm]

Here is a map of the city, and a guide to its environs, compiled for the non-residentCollapse )
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[25 Apr 2002|02:01am]


The First One called Zhennaena went to the heart of Vaal, where the tallest trees grew, and there she observed all the creatures of the wood that Vaal had created. She saw that none of them were like her or the other First Ones, and felt lonely. And so she gathered together some lumps of clay, and shaped them into her own form, and decorated them with Caeruli and Nuciferdi blossoms. When the star Anandele rose to its highest point, Zhennaena breathed on her creation and gave it life, and named her Adhelya, who would be mother to all of elvenkind.

The Record of Fate, Chapter 2

In order to fully grasp the workings of the Empire, one must also look at its neighbors. The Khonaeryan Empire stretches from the Bay of Tears in the east, where it's capital lays along the Narakhris River, to the borders of the Forest of Oriel in the west, where lies the domain of the elves. The elven government is a form of Monarchy, not dissimilar to our own, though matrilinear in descent. Currently on the Varwood Throne is Queen Amaera, who has ruled for some 600 years, all of which have been peaceful with our own realm. The Queen is due to visit our fair city soon, during the midsummer festivals, to discuss a new trade agreement with His Majesty.
Elvish society seems to be pacifist in general, however they do keep a considerable sized standing army, the full ire of which has not been seen by human eyes since the Incursion of Westgate in 1273, when an army of Orcs threatened the borders of Oriel. The full account of that battle is recorded elsewhere. The full strength of the elven armies is not known, and there are rumours that airships have been seen, patrolling the skies above the boughs of the Oriel. These cannot be confirmed, however, the Orieli Ambassadors in Khonaerya refuse to even comment on the subject. Also of note is the reverance the elves hold for those with sorcerous powers. This appears to be tied in with their primitive, superstitious religion, and may turn out to be quite dangerous for them. I will discuss the sorcerous ones more in a later entry.
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[19 Apr 2002|02:40am]


It is written that before time began there was Vaal, called Aerthil by the elves. He came to the world on a chariot of flame, from beyond the outer darkness, and found the First Ones, asleep deep within the earth. Careful not to disturb them, Vaal quietly pronounced the First Words. At the sound, his thoughts came into being and great trees sprang up from the earth. These were the mighty Varwood trees, which are the mothers of all growing things. He then softly chanted the First Hymn, and his thoughts again came into being, and living things filled the land, and great serpents flew through the air, and dived beneath the ocean. When he was satisfied, Vaal awakened the First Ones, and they were so amazed by the greatness of his creations that they declared that the world should be called Vaal.

The Record of Fate, Chapter 1

So began the story of all that is, and so begins my own humble tale of the goings on since that time. I am Amandel, of the line of Aarth, royal scribe to His Majesty the August Personage, Okkim IV Emperor of Khonaerya, Protector of the Holy City. I have been entrusted with the writing of this history of his reign, keeping a truthful account not only of the deeds of the August Personage, but also of the doings of the Seven Shrines and the College of Magic, and all the denizens of Khonaerya. I shall, in the pages that follow, show to you the truth of this Great City, from the smallest acts of kindness on the streets, to the most foul of deeds done under cover of night.
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